‘BUY OR DIE’ by Theodor Ventskevich is dark dystopia about a world where advertising knows no mercy. The life of the people turns into an endless series of fights for their money, time, and convictions. These fights may seem petty and sad, absurd and funny, but in the end, the fights are always lost. The main character invents Jack of Air for his kids – an imaginary fearless hero who never loses. Will Jack be able to help his creator after the latter gets into real trouble?
Who will win in the end: the imaginary hero or the real evil? Fiction and reality, tragedy and comedy, absurdity and logic all intertwine in this story. “It was as if I found myself inside a huge kaleidoscope just before it was shaken properly,” confessed a critic after reading the book. Don’t miss your ride to the future. Get your copy of ‘Buy or Die’ now.

This is an unbelievable mixture of anti-utopia, romance, fantasy, fiction, fairy tales, absurdity and adventures. Ah, yeah, there is a piece of poetry as well. Or, maybe, two pieces. And, of course, a lot of ads (fake ads, for sure).